The Singtel Future Makers programme (the “Programme”) is a social innovation programme to support social impact start-ups in Singapore through monetary and non-monetary support by Singtel. Further information on the Programme can be found at the website (“Site”).

By submitting your application for the Programme you acknowledge that you have read and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of the Programme herein (“Terms”). We may modify these Terms at any time at our sole discretion, and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon posting of the modified Terms. You agree to review the Terms periodically to be aware of such modifications. The term “Singtel” (or “we”, “our” and “us”) includes Singapore Telecommunications Limited (“Singtel”), and all members, subsidiaries and affiliates of related corporations of Singtel, their respective subsidiaries and affiliates, as well as their successors and assigns.

1. The Programme

1.1. Singtel aims to help build and support an ecosystem of passionate change agents, innovation, capacity building and collaboration through the Programme. Successful applicants will join the programme which provides them with a unique opportunity to grow their organisation, refine their business model and scale their social impact through collaboration opportunities with Singtel business units. Up to 5 start-ups will receive up to S$150,000 of monetary and non-monetary support such as working sessions, networking opportunities, dedicated mentoring and 1-on-1 business coaching from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts from Singtel and its partner organisations. Upon completion of the Programme, Singtel will select up to 2 applicants which have the potential to scale regionally to compete and pitch for a collective pool of funding of up to S$100,000 against other social impact organizations from the region who are also participating in the Optus, Globe , Telkomsel and AIS Future Makers Programmes. Further details will be disclosed when the applicants are accepted into the Programme.

1.2. Who will be eligible:

1.2.1. The following persons are eligible to apply for the Programme: (a). social entrepreneur; (b). a social enterprise (c). legally incorporated business entity.

1.2.2. For the purpose of clause 1.2.1, (a). Social entrepreneur is an individual that is led by an economic, social, cultural or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit and works towards the fulfilment of that mission; and (b). Social enterprise is an organisation that is led by an economic, social, cultural or environmental mission consistent with a public or community benefit and works towards the fulfilment of that mission.

1.2.3. Applicants must be at least 18 years old to take part in the Programme.

1.2.4. An applicant will not be eligible if the applicant’s application: (a). Is not their own original proposal and/or work; (b). Infringes copyright or any other intellectual property rights of a third party; (c). Proposes to use the funding: I. To provide money to a beneficiary who is looking for support or fundraising; II. For religious or political activities; III. For general fundraising appeals; IV. For everyday activities, loan repayments or operational deficits; V. For retrospective or deficit funding requests, e.g. funding of past expenses; VI For everyday operating or administration costs outside of the project; or VII. To pay a salary and/or wages to the applicant or to any other third party.

1.3. Singtel reserves the right, at any time, to cancel, modify or suspend the Programme at its sole discretion.

1.4. Applications must meet the selection criteria set out in clause 1.6 in order to be considered for funding. Singtel will, at its sole discretion, determine if an application meets the selection criteria.

1.5. The selection criteria for the Programme are:

(a). The applicant proposes a technology-based solution to address a business need and support a social problem; (b). The applicant explains how the proposal differs from similar proposals in the public arena; (c). The applicant demonstrates the way in which their proposal addresses the current or future social problems primarily faced in Singapore; and (d). The applicant demonstrates the capacity and drive to bring this proposal to market.

1.6. If the applicant is applying on behalf of a not-for-profit organisation, charity or non-government organisation, the application must be made with the approval and consent of the organisation. Singtel reserves the right to request written approval from such organisation and, if an applicant cannot provide such written approval then Singtel may, at its sole discretion, deem the application to be ineligible to receive funding.

1.7. A maximum of one application may be submitted per project. Once an applicant’s application is submitted, no further changes by the applicant will be accepted.

2. The Application Process for the Programme

2.1. To apply, you must either go through the IMDA Open Innovation Platform or go to the Singtel Future Makers Site and submit your application in the prescribed form. The application closing date is stated on the Site.

2.2. If you are submitting the application form on behalf of a company (or other entity), you represent that you are an employee or authorised representative of such company (or other entity) and you have the authority to submit such application form on behalf of the company (or other entity).

2.3. All correspondence and communication throughout the Programme, must be in the English language.

2.4. You agree to provide accurate, current and complete information, as required in the registration form (“Registration Data”). All work and submissions should be original. Incomplete or indecipherable entries will be deemed invalid and will be disqualified.

2.5. Your application must not contain any content that:

(a). contains any advertising and promotional message; (b). violates or infringes any applicable laws, regulatory requirements or codes, including in Singapore; (c). infringes or violates any copyright, trade mark or other intellectual property, personal or proprietary rights of any person, or violates any obligation of confidence or any other proprietary right; (d). contains any obscene, offensive, discriminatory, defamatory or otherwise actionable material; or (e). contains a virus, spyware or other harmful component, or otherwise impairs, interrupts or damages the Site, or any connected network, or otherwise interferes with a person’s use or enjoyment of the same.

2.6. Any Programme applicant who has undertaken any conduct which may, in Singtel’s sole discretion, adversely affect the reputation of Singtel or other participants, may be disqualified from the Programme.

2.7. Shortlisted applicants will be determined by Singtel in its sole discretion. The decision shall be final and no requests for reconsideration or revision of the decision will be accepted by Singtel. Singtel reserves the right to replace any shortlisted applicants subsequently found to be disqualified for any reason.

2.8. Applicants who have received unofficial or content-sensitive information relating to the Programme with the intent of allowing an unfair competitive advantage, from employees, interns, apprentices and trainees or any party involved with the Programme must immediately inform Singtel as soon as they become aware of this.

2.9. Selected applicants must declare any funding and support from any external party at any time during the Programme. Failure to do so may result in the withdrawal of funds and/or support from Singtel.

3. The Shortlisting and Selection Process for the Programme

3.1. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to present a pitch where they will have the opportunity to present their business case.

3.2. Applicants who choose to travel to Singapore to present their pitch are responsible for securing their own visas and making the relevant travel and accommodation arrangements, all at their own cost.

3.3. If an applicant’s pitch is successful, the applicant will be invited to participate in the Programme. Singtel will provide the selected applicant with relevant support in accordance with clause 6. If you are so selected, you agree to attend all activities such as but not limited to workshops, coaching, mentoring sessions and networking events that are organised for the Programme. The exact dates, venue and duration will be communicated to you if you are successful for the Programme.

4. Confidentiality and Information Submitted for the Programme

4.1. You are advised to share non-confidential information only in the application process. All information submitted in the application will be treated as non-confidential and non-proprietary. We assume no obligation to protect such information from disclosure and will be free to use, reproduce and distribute the information without restriction.

4.2. You hereby grant Singtel the right (though you acknowledge and agree that Singtel shall not be obliged) to use your name in connection with the submitted materials and other information as well as in connection with all advertising, publicity, marketing and promotional material related thereto. You agree that you shall have no recourse against Singtel for any alleged or actual infringement or misappropriation of any proprietary right in your communications to us.

4.3. Singtel reserves the right to disclose the selected applicants’ names and identities, and use the selected applicants’ pictures and videography for publicity purposes.

4.4. Prior to entering into confidential discussions, you will be asked to sign a separate non-disclosure agreement with Singtel so that any confidential information that is subsequently shared with Singtel is protected.

5. Intellectual Property for the Programme

5.1. You warrant that you own the rights in any information you share with Singtel in your application and any information supplied to the Programme does not infringe the intellectual property rights, confidentiality or the rights of any third party.

5.2. You warrant that you have (and will continue to have) all necessary rights, licenses, consents and permissions which are required to enable Singtel to use your application for the purposes envisaged by the Programme and these Terms, without any restriction or compensation to you.

5.3. You will retain ownership of all your Intellectual Property included in your application and during the participation of the programme.

6. Funding and Support for the Programme

6.1. Singtel will select up to five successful applicants to receive support (monetary and non-monetary) as further set out below.

6.2. Singtel will provide each selected applicant with funding up to S$20,000 as determined by Singtel in two tranches of up to S$10,000 per tranche upon evaluation of your Proof of Concept progress with discretion entirely up to Singtel. In addition, all successful applicants have to submit their required funding expenditure breakdown on how it will support your Proof of Concept. Besides monetary support, selected applicants will receive non-monetary support such as workshops, networking opportunities, dedicated mentoring and 1-on-1 business coaching from seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts from Singtel and its partner organisations. Upon completion of the Programme, Singtel will select up to 2 applicants which have the potential to scale regionally to compete and pitch for a collective pool of funding of up to S$100,000 against other social impact organisations from the region who are also participating in the Optus,Globe, Telkomsel and AIS Future Makers Programmes. Further details will be disclosed when the applicants are accepted into the Programme.

6.3. If the applicant is successful in obtaining funding and intends to use funding to: (a). procure network services, the applicant must acquire those services from Singtel; and (b). purchase technology or telecommunications services, these purchases are to be made through a Singtel shop.

6.4. Singtel will not pay any additional amount to the applicant under any circumstances, including where the actual total project cost is greater than the funding.

6.5. The funding amount must be used and applied solely for the Proof of Concept proposal stated in the application, unless Singtel agrees to a variation in writing.

6.6. All successful applicants must keep records of expenses paid using the funding (for example, receipts and bank statements).

6.7. For purpose of evaluating the second tranche of funding, the successful applicant must use the first tranche of funding by 15 October 2020 and in accordance with the submitted funding plan, unless otherwise agreed by Singtel.

6.8. The successful applicant must promptly notify Singtel and, within two weeks of notifying Singtel, return any amount of the funding that has not yet been spent, if: (a). the Proof of Concept proposal is no longer possible or cannot be completed in the manner described in the application; and (b). Singtel has not agreed in writing to a variation of the proposal as per clause 6.5.

7. Reporting for the Programme

7.1. The successful applicant must complete an impact report on its activities in a form nominated by Singtel before 15 October 2020.

7.2. The successful applicant must complete any additional evaluation of their progress during the Programme and give monthly updates for a period of 1 year after the conclusion of the Programme for our impact assessment review. This additional evaluation may include a combination of written responses, telephone and/or face to face interviews.

8. Post Programme

8.1. Singtel reserves the right to decide if the successful applicant’s solution arising from the programme should be used for further commercialisation.

8.2. If your solution is selected for further development after the programme, you will need to enter into a new agreement covering any further collaboration with Singtel.

9. General Terms and Conditions for the Programme

9.1. Successful applicants must keep and maintain adequate insurance (including public liability insurance) for the activities carried out in relation to this project, against any claims for loss or damage to property and injury or death to persons.

9.2. Successful applicants shall not act or cause anyone to act in a way that may prejudice or cause damage to the name and reputation of Singtel.

9.3. Except for any liability that cannot be excluded by law, Singtel (including its officers, employees and agents) excludes all liability (including negligence), for any personal injury; or any loss or damage (including loss of opportunity); whether direct, indirect, special or consequential, arising in any way out of the Future Makers programme or the Site, including, but not limited to, where arising out of the following: (a). any technical difficulties or equipment malfunction (whether or not under Singtel’ control); (b). any theft, unauthorised access or third party interference; (c). any application that is late, lost, altered, damaged or misdirected (whether or not after their receipt by Singtel) due to any reason beyond the reasonable control of Singtel; (d). any variation in funding value to that stated in these Terms; (e). any tax liability incurred by the successful applicant; (f). use of the funding or (g). any infringement by a third party of an applicant’s intellectual property rights.

10. Acknowledgement for the Programme

10.1. It is a condition of the Programme that, from the time of the Programme, whereby the applicant is selected by Singtel as one of the successful applicants for the Programme until 30 June 2021, the successful applicant acknowledges Singtel in all advertising, signage, media releases and other promotional material relating to the purpose of the Programme.

10.2. Successful applicants must not refer to or use Singtel brand assets for any purpose other than the purpose of the Programme.

10.3. All advertising, signage, media releases and other promotional material that contains the Singtel logo or reference to the Programme must be submitted to and approved by Singtel in writing prior to its production and release. Singtel reserves the right to make amendments prior to the release of the materials.

10.4. Successful applicants agree to take part in media activities as reasonably directed by Singtel from time to time.

11. Privacy, Security and Cookies

11.1. Singtel may collect, use and disclose (including but not limited to disclose to third parties such as agents, contractors, service providers, suppliers, and as required, regulatory authorities, some of which parties may be located overseas) your personal data for any purpose arising out of or in connection with the Programme, including but not limited to its management and administration. Singtel may also collect, use and disclose your personal data in the manner and for the purposes set out in Singtel’s Data Protection Policy accessible at The term ‘personal data’ means any information or data which can be related directly or indirectly to an identifiable individual.

11.2. Singtel takes certain industry-accepted precautions to secure the Site or portions of it, including safeguards to prevent security breaches in our network and database systems, limits on access to information in our systems and the systems of our business partners and vendors, and strict verification processes to prevent unauthorised access to information. However, you agree that such precautions do not guarantee that use of the Site is invulnerable to all security breaches, nor does Singtel make any warranty, guarantee, or representation that use of the Site is protected from all viruses, worms, Trojan horses, and other vulnerabilities.

11.3. During your use of the Site, we may issue to and request from your computer blocks of data known as “cookies” to enable more convenient browsing when you revisit the Site. A cookie is a type of data which is sent from the Site to your Internet browser software, and is stored on your computer. Storing cookies does not have any adverse effect on your computer. You must not alter any cookies sent to your computer from the Site and you must ensure that your computer sends correct and accurate cookies in response to any relevant request from the Site.

12. Links To and From Other Websites for the Site

12.1. The Site may contain hyperlinks to other websites which are neither maintained nor controlled by Singtel, or may contain content posted on or via the Site by third parties. If you decide to access any of the third party websites linked to the Site, you do so entirely at your own risk. Singtel is not liable, directly or indirectly, for any damage or loss caused or alleged to be caused by or in connection with your use of such content, information, products, goods or services available on or through any such linked websites. Singtel is not responsible for terms of use or data collection practices of any other websites.

13. Disclaimer of Warranties for the Site

13.1. The Site and any software made available on the Site are provided on an “as is, as available” basis. Singtel makes no warranty that: (a). the Site will meet your requirements or will always be accessible; (b). the Site will be uninterrupted, timely, secure, error-free or free from computer virus or other invasive or damaging code; (c). the results that may be obtained from the use of the Site will be accurate or reliable; (d). the quality of any services, information, or other material obtained by you through the Site will meet your expectations; and (e). any errors in the Site will be corrected.

13.2. Any content downloaded, uploaded or otherwise obtained through the use of the Site is done at your own discretion and risk. It is solely your responsibility to evaluate the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of all opinions, advice, services, and other information provided through the Site or on the Internet generally.

14. Indemnification for your participation in the Programme and/or use of the Site

14.1. You shall fully indemnify and hold harmless Singtel, its directors, officers, employees, suppliers, licensors, agents, and any third party providers at all times against all actions, claims, proceedings, costs (including legal costs incurred by Singtel in defending any such actions, claims or proceedings), liability, losses and damages whatsoever which may be brought or commenced against Singtel by any person and/or which Singtel may sustain, incur or suffer, as the case may be, arising out of or in connection with or by reason of your use of the Programme and/or use of the site, your access or connection to the Programme and/or use of the site, your violation of these Terms, your violation of any rights of another or your participation in the Programme and/or use of the site. Singtel reserves the right to assume the defence and control of any matter subject to indemnification by you, in which event you will cooperate with Singtel in asserting any available defences.

15. General

15.1. These Terms shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with the laws of Singapore and you agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Singapore courts.

15.2. If any part of these Terms is held to be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then the such part of the Terms shall be deemed severable from these Terms and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions.

15.3. Singtel’s failure to insist upon or enforce strict performance of any provision of these Terms shall not be construed as a waiver of any provision or right.

15.4. These Terms are for the benefit of Singtel and its directors, officers, employees, suppliers, licensors, agents, and any third party content providers to the Programme and the Site. Each of these individuals or entities shall have the right to assert and enforce those provisions directly against you on its own behalf.