Congratulations to AEvice Health (2018 cohort), Solve Education Foundation (2017 cohort), Senzehub for receiving the Special Pandemic Support Grant! They will be supported from a cash pool of $40,000 and continue to receive mentorship, capacity building and access to our networks through our programme to scale their solutions on use cases beyond the pandemic.

Singtel Future Makers 2020

Join now for the opportunity to collaborate with Singtel
to unlock business outcomes and scale your social impact

Singtel Future Makers 2020

Join now for the opportunity to collaborate with Singtel to unlock business outcomes and scale your social impact

In 2020, Singtel Future Makers seeks start-ups that are looking to work with Singtel business units on innovative technological solutions that can ignite strategic outcomes for the business and the community.

Start-ups will be supported from a cash pool grant of up $150,000, gain access to the knowledge and expertise from Singtel leaders and cross-sector experts and have the opportunity to connect with business and community partners in Singapore and the region.

Why Join Singtel Future Makers?

Capacity Building

Capacity Building

Curated workshops, dedicated mentoring, 1-on-1 coaching to support the development of solution

Networking Opportunities

Networking Opportunities

Access to community partners, business leaders and potential investors in Singapore and the region



Supported from a cash pool grant of up $150,000 to trial the proof of concept and scale your solutions

2020 Themes

This year, Singtel Future Makers is adopting a “Shared Value” approach to create joint opportunities between social impact start-ups and the business.

We have identified the following themes and challenge statements aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that can address business and social issues. Start-ups that fit the following challenge statements will be given priority:


Digital Enablement

Using digital technologies to improve the quality of life of vulnerable population

How may we use digital technologies to inculcate positive community engagement through the eSports platform?

Currently, eSports has garnered strong interest from youths and millennial around the region, and we believe that there is upside potential in further fostering positive community connections. This can include providing an avenue for youths to develop useful and practical digital competencies, boosting the inclusion of the underserved community like the less privileged, persons with disabilities or enhancing the diversity of the players in the community such as having more female gamers.

Area of focus (but not limited to):

  • Outreach: Digital content related to eSports to promote upskill opportunities for youths
  • Engagement: Facilitate in developing relevant skillsets (gaming, game development, or other relevant skills needed in the gaming ecosystem), as well as encourage an active offline lifestyle
  • Inclusion: Creating a social experience for everyone through esports activity to ensure acceptance in all level of social status

Find out more here.

How can we leverage mobile wallets to enable financial inclusion, especially for underprivileged and social enterprises?

Mobile wallets are gaining popularity – providing much appreciated convenience to complete in-store payments and to send, receive and store money through smart phones. However, the use of mobile wallets to benefit the social sector is still in its nascent stage. There is an untapped potential for digital solutions leveraging on mobile wallets to be diffused into this sector. The expansion of such financial access could help to improve their quality of life.

Area of focus (but not limited to):

  • It can be a standalone solution, with the potential of integrating with Singtel Dash, or an API to be integrated into mobile wallet
  • Designed to be easy to use for the beneficiaries, where they could be illiterate, senior or have special needs
  • Encourage mobile wallet users to give back to the vulnerable population in a safe and accountable manner that meets their needs

Find out more here.


Health & Well-being

Improve the access and quality to client-centric care that can enhance personal well-being

How may we enhance community care for users especially for post hospitalisation patients and persons with disabilities through digital solutions?

As Singapore’s population ages rapidly, this will lead to a growing demand for community care so as to ensure that the needs does not exceed the current healthcare capacity. This could be particularly challenging for the underserved sectors, such as underprivileged, seniors, or person with disabilities, who typically are unable to access to such community care at affordable prices. We believe that the potential of technology like Internet of Things and 5G could help care workers improve the quality of care for their users.

Area of focus (but not limited to):

  • Enable the rehabilitation of post hospitalisation patients
  • Empower the post hospitalisation patients, persons with disabilities or seniors with their activities of daily lives

Find out more here.

We want to support ideas to tackle the social and community challenges posed by the pandemic. We will fast track promising start-ups with pandemic support solutions through our application process and they will be supported from a cash pool of up to $40,000.

Congratulations to our Award Winners:

Aevice Health (2018 Cohort)

Solve Education Foundation (2017 Cohort)




Technological solutions that optimise usage of energy and resources to minimise environmental impact

How can co-create sustainable solutions that encourage increased participation of business partners and customers into a circular economy?

In 2019, Singapore passed a new zero-waste law and Resource Sustainability Bill focusing on waste-reducing measures for electronic waste (“e-waste”), food waste and packaging waste, with a shift from a voluntary to mandatory approach. As a responsible corporate, we are committed to understanding, managing and minimising our environmental impact across our value chain, including our business operations, suppliers and customers particularly in the area of sustainable packaging.

Area of focus (but not limited to):

  • Strategy roadmap for Singtel, and to help the industry and other corporates strive towards the national agenda of zero waste
  • Innovations in e.g. packaging, technology, labelling and education to drive the agenda forward of establishing best practices for 3Rs

Find out more here.

Who Can Apply?

Singtel Future Makers is open to start-ups, social entrepreneurs, social impact enterprises who have a technological solution that meets the following criteria:

  • Addresses one of the challenge statements or themes (Digital Enablement, Health & Wellness, Environment)
  • Launched a product or service and looking to scale your social impact
  • Potential to solve real social problems, in a sizeable, addressable market

Apply now through IMDA Open Innovation Platform or fill up this form if you have other solutions that fit the broader themes.

Co-funding Partnership

Co-funding of up to S$50,000 per start-up available for Singtel Future Makers 2020

What raiSE is looking out for:

  • A compelling local and human centric societal impact,
  • Viable business proposition, and
  • Team commitment

Decision to award will be made at the end of our 2020 programme for deserving participants that show significant potential and progress. More info will be available upon selection of the finalists.

Accredited Mentor Partner

Opportunity to receive the Startup SG Founder Grant of S$30,000 per start-up available for Singtel Future Makers 2020

Singtel Future Makers as an Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP) under Startup SG Founder:

The grant is open to all Singaporeans/Permanent Residents who are first-time entrepreneurs. In addition, the applicant would need to adhere to the following conditions at the time of application:

  • Applicant(s) must hold or propose to hold at least 30% equity in the underlying company;
  • The company must have at least 51% local shareholding and must not be incorporated for more than six (6) months at the point of application to Enterprise Singapore;
  • The applicant(s) must not have registered or incorporated any business entity;
  • The applicant(s) must not have received any funding for the proposed business idea from another government organisation

Singtel Group Future Makers (Regional track)


All current and past participants of Singtel Future Makers will be considered for the regional programme.

Up to two of the most promising social impact start-ups with regional growth potential will be selected to compete with finalists from the Singtel Group of companies comprising AIS (Thailand), Globe (Philippines), Optus (Australia) and Telkomsel (Indonesia).

Key Dates

1 Apr

Applications Open

5 Jun

Applications Close

Mid Jun – Jul

Evaluation & Selection

Aug – Oct (Tentative)


Nov (Tentative)

Pitch Day

1 Apr
Applications Open

5 Jun
Applications Close

Mid Jun – Jul
Evaluation & Selection

Aug – Oct (Tentative)

Nov (Tentative)
Pitch Day

Meet Our Alumni

It doesn’t end here. Singtel Future Makers continue to provide evolutionary closed-loop mentoring, capacity building, networking opportunities and facilitate regional partnerships for suitable start-up alumni after the programme.


The social service sector needs to be open to working with social impact start-ups, and the Singtel Future Makers programme provides a wonderful platform for the diverse but like-minded stakeholders to meet and work together to come up with innovative solutions for the future.

Anita Fam,
President of National Council of Social Service

Singtel Future Makers has been a highly interactive and beneficial programme for us. It has given us the opportunity to learn a lot from the alumni, partners, and impact investors who came down to the different community events that were organised to share their learnings with us. We are really glad to be part of this programme as it has given us the opportunity to network with relevant ecosystem players that can support us and pave more opportunities for us to scale our impact.

Sazzad Hossain,
Founder of SDI Academy

Our journey with Singtel and our fellow start-ups through the programme has been amazing. The carefully curated programme and workshops has framed our mindset to look at our business model more holistically and globally. Our mentors and coaches gave us insightful and detailed advice that we are truly grateful for. Singtel Future Makers is an avenue where social enterprises can position themselves and propel their business to reach the next milestone.

Nicholas Lim,
Co-founder of TreeDots

Singtel Future Makers deeply impacted and accelerated CaptionCube’s progress in more aspects than we’ve expected. If you are committed to building a sustainable social enterprise, Singtel Future Makers 2017 would be the best nurturing ground for you. Sign up now for this invaluable journey!

Li Kunqi,
CEO of CaptionCube


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