Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


We welcome start-ups, whether social enterprises or not-for-profits, with relevant technological or innovative solutions that can solve for existing and emerging social sector challenges in Singapore and the region. In particular, we are looking for products and services that can enable the well-being of vulnerable communities, such as, but not limited to persons with disabilities, the vulnerable elderly or children and youths at risk.

Whether you have built a prototype, proceeded with user testing, or have achieved tangible milestones, we want to hear from you! If you have launched your product or service in the market and are looking to scale your impact – we are definitely interested!

Through Singtel Future Makers, you will have the opportunity to scale your social impact through the expertise, support and network of the Singtel Group and partners. This will enable you to refine your product or service, access critical connections and gain valuable exposure, which can empower both your business and impact on the communities you aim to serve.

Yes but we encourage individuals to set up legally incorporated entities as the aim of Singtel Future Makers is to support social impact start-ups to make a positive impact on the society.

No, but our focus is to make a social impact in Singapore, as well as in the region. As long as your start-up has Singapore as one of its focus and meets the eligibility criteria stated in this section you are welcome to apply for the programme. However, please note that your team will need to participate in the activities that will be taking place in Singapore. There will not be additional reimbursements on any travel and accommodation expenses on top of the grant funding provided as part of the programme benefits.

The Singtel Future Makers programme lasts for 4 months. The start-ups will attend workshops, monthly coaching sessions and regular business mentoring by seasoned entrepreneurs and industry experts. Most importantly, there are ample opportunities for community engagement and access to networking events. Upon completion of the 4-month programme, Singtel will select up to 2 applicants which have potential to scale regionally to compete and pitch for a collective pool of funding of up to S$60,000 against representatives from Optus and Globe. Further details will be disclosed when the applicants are accepted into the programme.

No, Singtel does not take any equity or royalty for the support provided as the aim of Singtel Future Makers is to foster social impact through technology, innovation and entrepreneurship and build the ecosystem for social innovation.

We aim to provide clarity in strategic goals, alignment of business and social objectives, and a wider impact on society. The Singtel Group and its partners are not obliged to engage with any of the start-ups at the end of the programme but are open to collaboration opportunities should there be business relevance and fit. Also, Singtel will select up to 2 applicants which have potential to scale regionally to compete and pitch for a collective pool of funding of up to S$60,000 against the Singtel Group and its Associates. Further details will be disclosed when the applicants are accepted into the programme.

Shortlisted start-ups are strongly encouraged to pitch to the evaluation panel in person. However, you can also arrange to pitch via a video conference. However, the programme’s events and activities will be hosted in Singapore and your presence is mandatory.

Singtel Future Makers is not just a funding mechanism. While we recognise that monetary support is vital for start-ups, we also want to provide critical non-monetary support (such as our community network, skilled volunteers as mentors, coaches and capacity-building workshops), leveraging our position as a technology and community leader in the region.

A maximum of seven start-ups will be eligible for a total grant amount of up to S$140,000 locally which will be disbursed at the end of the programme. However, funding should be tied to the business needs justification outlined in the application form. Through our network, selected start-ups might have access to potential follow-up funding from our partners.

The grant amount must be used and applied solely for the proposal stated in the application, unless Singtel agrees to a subsequent variation in writing. All awardees must keep records of expenses paid with the grant (for example, receipts and bank statements).

Yes, you can continue to apply for the programme and will be considered for Singtel’s grant. However, you are required to disclose the necessary information of your prior or existing grant in your application, otherwise the application may be void. The funds should not be used for the same purpose.

Application Process

Innovative social impact start-ups which meet the abovementioned criteria are invited to submit their applications through the Singtel Future Makers website. Shortlisted start-ups will then showcase and pitch their solutions to a panel composed of employees of the Singtel Group and cross-sector partner organisations.

There will be 2 rounds of application, with the respective deadlines on 17 April 2018 and 6 May 2018, at 11.59pm Singapore time. We encourage applicants to apply in the first round, as space in the programme may be limited in the second round, which is usually more competitive given the higher number of applications received towards the final deadline. Please ensure that all information in your application form is accurate. Late submissions will not be considered.

Please refer to the application form. You are encouraged not to reveal any proprietary or confidential information in your application.

You will receive a confirmation email upon submission.

All submissions made are considered final. We encourage all applicants to check that all of the required information in the application form has been included before submission.

Candidates are selected on a merit-basis in terms of business solution(s) and social impact.

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